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Research Poster Presentations — IAA’s cutting-edge anesthesia research is changing the face of regional anesthesia and pain management. Our novel ideas and bold approaches help create a unique practice and learning opportunity for you. 

Fairfield Division Research Posters and Presentations

IAA is a leader in novel research and academic scholarship.

Learn more about our recent ground-breaking studies and reports by viewing the posters in this slideshow. Contact us to discuss your ideas or questions. We look forward to hearing from you. 

2021 Posters & Presentations

Click the images below to read the posters and view the slideshow. or download the .pdfs 

Effect Of Ultrasound-guided ESP Block In Patients Undergoing
Lumbar Open Fusion Surgery: A Retrospective Case-control Study
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next study.  
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Contact us for more information
Interested medical students and trainees are encouraged to email Dr. Maduram to discuss anesthesiology research opportunities with IAA.  We hope you’ll consider joining our team. 

David Maduram, MD, PhD
Director of Research, Fairfield Division
IAA Research & Development Department, Fairfield Division

Medical students and trainees are encouraged to contact:

David Maduram, MD, PhD
Director of Clinical Research,
Fairfield Division

Tel: (203) 929-7353
Fax: (203) 929-0756
Email Dr. Maduram

Bill Lahiff
Clinical Research Assistant

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