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Environmental Sustainability at IAA

Doing our part to protect the environment

At Integrated Anesthesia Associates, we strive to do our part in reigning in our carbon footprint by normalizing sustainable behaviors including reduction of total fresh gas flows, avoidance of Desflurane and N2O, and focus on regional anesthetics and Total IntraVenous Anesthesia (TIVA). Reduction of our material and pharmaceutical waste streams in addition to proper disposal or recycling of our waste are other practice goals that we consider of the utmost importance.

Making a difference every day

Through these sustainable practices and serving on hospital and community sustainability committees, our professionals are making a difference every day. We understand that health care is responsible for ~10% of the world’s greenhouse gases and that anesthesia contributes significantly to this very serious environmental problem. Our physicians and anesthetists are motivated to fight climate change and reduce any environmentally damaging activities to the best of our abilities.

Join us!

IAA clinicians understand that they have the ability to provide the same quality of patient care utilizing more sustainable anesthesia approaches, and are committed to making an impact in the preservation of our planet’s environment. 

Dr. Adam Fischer - Sustainability in Anesthesiology
Dr. Adam Fischler leads IAA's sustainability efforts company-wide.