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IAA provides comprehensive anesthesia business solutions for our clinical partners.

  • Anesthesia Management
  • Hospital Anesthesia
  • Practice Partnerships

Request for Proposal

Joseph Vitarelli, PAHM
Chief Operating Officer

As an award-winning anesthesia practice, IAA invites prospective clinical sites to submit our Anesthesia Management RFP (Request for Proposal). Let’s explore how IAA can help your organization manage costs while providing the highest level of patient-centered care available.  As your anesthesia business partner, we’ll work with your medical staff and management team to ensure that all information is provided with expectations, requirements, and goals continuously met. We anticipate that utilization and payer mix information will be released upon receipt of notice of intent to respond to the RFP and a confidentiality agreement will be signed by both parties.

Are you ready to move your clinical site to the next level? Submit the form below and let’s discuss how your site can benefit from a long-term partnership and exclusive arrangement with IAA for the delivery of anesthesia services.

Why Partner With IAA?

Together, we’re better. 

Our goal at IAA is to serve as your anesthesia services provider by developing a long-term relationship with your clinical site that continuously improves our combined delivery of healthcare services to the community.

IAA provides Clinical Partners with:

  • An exclusive provider of anesthesia services.
  • The highest level of customer service.
  • Effective leadership and decision-making.
  • Cost containment and efficiency.
  • Growth opportunities.
  • An exclusive arrangement with a high quality, customer service oriented anesthesiologist(s).
  • A seasoned, established and highly respected team who attracts and retains outstanding anesthesiologists.
  • Qualifications to serve a wide variety of specialized patient populations.
  • Superior patient experience and clinical outcome.


IAA’s experienced team can help you:

  • Adhere to on-time starts
  • Reduce unnecessary cancellations
  • Run your practice efficiently
  • Increase OR efficiency


The benefits of IAA’s Anesthesia Management Services include:

  • Reduced & eliminated subsidies
  • Improved surgeon satisfaction
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Maximized revenue
  • Improved communication among team members
  • Improved quality measures and clinical outcome reporting
  • Improved utilization

What We Offer Our Clients:

  • Efficient and effective billing & collection services
  • A full suite of anesthesia and pain management services
  • Flexible coverage models:

    • All anesthesiologists
    • All IAA Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)
    • Care Team: Anesthesiologists supervising CRNAs
  • Results-driven patient, surgeon and staff satisfaction programs
  • Industry-leading recruiting, credentialing, scheduling and retention programs
  • Continuous quality assurance and performance improvement programs
  • Experienced local, divisional and national clinical & business leadership
  • Leadership training for affiliated anesthesiologists and CRNAs
  • Provider education resources
  • Contracting expertise for Managed Care
  • Metric improvement programs and outcomes reporting
  • Improved collaboration between clinical providers, facility staff & administration
  • Effective O.R. utilization management