Regional Anesthesia Fellowship, Hartford Division

Attending Anesthesiologist Rotation

 Our experienced IAA physicians will provide you with an immersive and appropriate orientation to familiarize you with your role and responsibilities as a new junior attending. 

Hartford Hospital & Hospital of Central CT

This Attending Anesthesiologist rotation helps make the shift from Resident to Attending a little smoother and a lot less daunting. 

Fellows on the attending rotation will receive guidance from our staff of board-certified, fellowship-trained anesthesiologists who are experienced in orienting new attending anesthesiologists. IAA physicians provide an immersive and appropriate orientation to familiarize fellows to the roles and responsibilities of a new junior attending. 

There are plenty of people available for guidance and help as questions arise on this new journey.  We look forward to aiding with that transition.

On this rotation, fellows function as an attending anesthesiologist, focusing on orthopedic and non-orthopedic surgeries in which a regional anesthetic plays a significant role at Hartford Hospital, The Hospital of Central CT, The Bone & Joint Institute, and the HH Eye Surgery Center. 

Fellows perform cases by themselves and also supervise residents and CRNAs. Working in the different locations as an attending physician provides the fellows with a unique opportunity to become familiar with various surgical procedures and management of patients with regional anesthetics in an intra-operative setting. 

By working in efficiently run private hospitals and surgery centers, our fellows gain experience that few fellows obtain, making them highly desired by any group with a high caseload.

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