Regional Anesthesia Fellowship, Hartford Division

Advanced Rotation

Become proficient in administering high volumes of blocks while honing your organizational and leadership skills during this advanced rotation. 

Perfect Your Clinical and Leadership Skills

While on the Advanced Regional rotation, the fellow will gain vast experience in complex regional anesthesia techniques by performing peripheral nerve blocks and thoracic epidurals. 

Fellows will become proficient in basic and advanced blocks of the upper extremity, lower extremity, thorax, abdomen, and head and neck. This rotation allows the fellows to hone their skills by providing high volumes of blocks and provides the opportunities to explore new and different procedures. 

Additionally, fellows develop their organizational and leadership skills as they oversee the daily operations of the acute pain service. 

These responsibilities include involvement in block selection, division of labor, performance and/or supervision of blocks, acute pain service rounds & consultations, orientation of new team members, and maintenance of the quality improvement research database. 

This database will be an instrument for quality improvement, chronicling the fellows’ experiences, and for clinical outcomes research.

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