Regional Anesthesia Fellowship, Hartford Division

Orthopedic Rotation

Get ready to master a uniquely desirable skill set of orthopedic anesthesia and prepare to become an expert in this exciting subspecialty. 

Orthopedic Regional Rotation​

This rotation is unique to our fellowship and provides our trainees superb training in regional and intraoperative anesthetics for orthopedic anesthesia, a crucial skill set for any regional anesthesiologist to master.  

Fellows start on the regional anesthesia and acute pain service in the morning, focusing on regional anesthetics for orthopedic surgeries.  In the afternoon, they transition over to working in the orthopedic ORs as Attendings half the week with protected research time available the other half of the week.  

This specialized rotation trains our fellows to master a crucial, desirable skill set of orthopedic anesthesia, preparing them to be experts in this subspecialty. 

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