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Research Internship Program

IAA is affiliated with multiple research and development programs, allowing team members to work on cutting-edge anesthesia research. Contact us to learn more. 

Become an IAA Research Intern

Our program is a wonderful opportunity for individuals residing in the state of Connecticut looking to expand their knowledge and improve their skills as medical researchers. 

For those pursuing a career in medicine, becoming an IAA Research Intern will provide you with practical experience to improve your confidence as a medical scientist, which will be beneficial not only for your medical education but also for your medical career. We invite all individuals who are passionate and enthusiastic about science and medicine to apply to our program.

Please note: We do not accept out-of-state or overseas applicants for this program. 

Research Internship Description

The IAA Hartford Division Research Internship Program offers several unpaid research internship positions during four sessions each year to work with our team of anesthesia research investigators, including attending anesthesiologists, fellows, residents, and research staff. As an IAA Hartford Division Research Intern and as a part of our team, you have the ability to get involved in projects that interest you while working within a schedule that suits you, and you have the opportunity to contribute to impactful research while simultaneously improving your ability to understand and communicate important findings.

Our research is constantly in a state of growth and flux due to the initiation of new studies, finalization of current studies, and the publication of completed studies. We address a broad spectrum of research topics, including pain management, research bioethics, and health equity, while also incorporating an array of research methodologies, including retrospective studies, case reports, randomized controlled trials, and reviews. The diversity, quality, and productivity of research in our department allows Research Interns to have an experience that is both educational and exciting.

All of our principal investigators are also practicing physicians, which allows Interns to have an inside look at the life of an anesthesiologist in one of the nation’s busiest hospitals, Hartford Hospital, while also conducting valuable clinical research. A level 1 trauma center, Hartford Hospital is also home to the state-of-the-art Center for Education, Simulation, and Innovation (CESI). At CESI, Research Interns have the opportunity to observe and participate in training simulations attended by various healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, paramedics, as well as military personnel.

We invite you to APPLY NOW to become an IAA Research Intern. If you would like to learn more about our program, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Internship Sessions 

Session application periods, decision dates, and internship periods are listed below. Applications submitted outside of the application period for the corresponding internship period will not be considered. If you submit prior to the application period start date, please resubmit within the application period. All applicants will receive a decision by the corresponding decision date.

Research Intern Application Period Chart

Time Commitment

Research Interns are expected to commit a minimum of ten hours distributed over at least two days each week; though, Interns are welcome to exceed this minimum requirement. Interns are expected to schedule their planned commitments with their supervisor at least one week in advance. Interns have flexibility to adjust their commitments each week to fit their schedules as long as the minimum commitment is met and suitable notice is given. Though working in person is preferred, working virtually is possible if necessary.

Internship Qualifications

IAA Research Internship Program candidates must be willing to learn and to contribute their talents, enthusiasm, and energy. We welcome and support all applicants, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or orientation, who meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a high school diploma
  • Is 18 years or older
  • Currently resides in Connecticut

We encourage interested medical students to apply. Due to the strenuous medical school curriculum and schedule, medical students may work remotely.

Program Benefits

Experience and Skills Development

  • Learn to work and succeed in a professional clinical environment
  • Improve your knowledge and skills as it relates to anesthesia research
  • Create connections for future career development
  • Learn and develop basic skills of biomedical research
  • Participate in research meetings with investigators and research staff members
  • Gain valuable skills in active clinical research

Hartford Hospital Benefits

  • Meal passes
  • Free parking
  • Free Hartford Hospital t-shirt
  • Hartford Hospital employee fitness center access

Steps to Becoming a Research Intern:

1. Application. Complete and submit an online research application on IAA’s website. Applications will be reviewed by the anesthesia research staff, and all applicants will receive a response regarding the status of their application. Only potential candidates will be contacted to proceed to an interview

Complete and submit your Research Internship Application here. 

2. Interview.  Interviews are typically conducted virtually. During the interview, applicants can share details regarding their interest in the program, ask questions and discuss details related to the potential experiences with our team of researchers.

3. OnBoarding. Accepted candidates must undergo onboarding with Hartford Hospital’s Volunteer Services department. Following onboarding, the candidate has officially become an IAA Research Intern.

 NOTE: Accepted candidates will be sent additional information and instructions about requirements for onboarding, including:

  • COVID-19 vaccination status
  • Completed hospital orientation
  • Completed HIPAA Training
  • Proof of childhood immunizations
  • Documentation from a clinical provider of a current PPD test (within past 12 months)
  • Documentation of Flu vaccine (during flu season only)
  • An authorization for a criminal background check 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does every applicant receive a position?
Answer: We are grateful for your interest to join our internship program. Due to the high level of applications we receive, we are often not able to accept all applicants. Applicants are welcome to reapply for another session if all positions are filled.

Question: Is this a paid position?
Answer: This is not a paid position as this is an unpaid research internship. However, students and other eligible applicants are encouraged to seek compensation through sponsorship by their university or organizations that provide individual funding for research.

Question: What is my time commitment?
Answer: Research Interns are asked to commit a minimum of two days per week for the internship period. Some universities provide their students with compensation for participating in research programs. If you would like your college to participate in this program, please have them contact the research department to discuss requirements. If your college requires a certain number of hours to satisfy the internship requirement, please indicate that in your application to let us know. Some universities will provide academic credit for internships. Anyone receiving academic credit for interning through a university must be processed through the Department of Medical Education. Please call 860.972.4187 for more information.

Question: May I commit to more than two days a week or more than one session?
Answer: Two days a week is the minimum requirement; you are absolutely welcome to commit more time than this minimum if it fits your schedule and our schedule. If you would like to commit to another session, you will have to reapply as before. We cannot reserve positions.

Question: How much does it cost to be a Research Intern?
The only out-of-pocket cost for our Interns is the transportation to and from the hospital. Hartford Hospital will provide free parking and a free t-shirt.

Question: Is there a dress code?
Answer: Yes. Research Interns are required to abide by the professional image policies of Hartford Hospital. Interns cannot wear shirts with words (other than Hartford Hospital logos), shorts, skirts above the knee, jeans, or scrubs (in non-clinical settings). Open-toes shoes are not allowed in patient care areas.

Question: Can I check my health status in EPIC while collecting data for research
Answer: No. Even though it is your own information, this is considered a HIPAA violation. You are not allowed to look up medical information on yourself, family, friends, or any person not on the list of approved research patients.

Question: Can I use my personal computer to work on data for IRB-approved research?
Answer: No, all Hartford HealthCare (HHC) studies that involve protected health information (PHI) are approved by the IRB only to be accessed on desktops and laptops that are registered and maintained within the HHC secure system.

Question: Can I transfer or discuss research data through my personal or school email?
Answer: No. You should always use your HHC email for communication regarding research studies and PHI.

Question: Can I share anesthesia research studies with my college friends and work colleagues?
Answer: No. Our studies are unique, and we try to maintain them this way until we publish them in different medical journals. We would ask that you do not share any information from these projects with anyone outside of this institution, as we value the uniqueness of the ideas of our research projects. However, please share your research experience with your friends and encourage them to participate.

Question: Will becoming a Research Intern guarantee me a job at the hospital, should I decide to apply for a paid position?
No, we cannot guarantee that Interns will obtain a paid position. Employees are selected for jobs based on their experience, skills, references, and credentials. Interning is a great way to take a step towards future employment, but it does not guarantee a position.

Question: What medical information will I need to show to become a Research Intern?
Answer: All new Interns will be asked to provide documentation of completed COVID-19 vaccinations, MMR vaccinations, Varicella vaccinations or history of chickenpox, a flu vaccine during the flu season, and have a Tuberculosis skin test within the last 12 months. The Tuberculosis test and flu vaccines are the only tests that can be provided here at Hartford Hospital. If you do not have documentation of your vaccinations, you will need to provide proof of immunity through titer testing (blood test). Titer testing is not provided through Hartford Hospital. Applicants will need to obtain the titer test at their own expense through their family physician.

Question: Will I need a flu shot?
Answer: Yes, Hartford Hospital requires all staff, including our Research Interns, to have a flu vaccine during flu season. Certain exceptions can be made for medical or religious reasons. Individuals with approved exceptions will be required to wear a mask during flu season.

Question: Can I shadow an anesthesiologist in the operating room?
Though shadowing is not necessarily a part of our Research Internship Program curriculum, we provide Research Interns with all of the necessary resources to shadow if there are opportunities available. These opportunities depend largely on the physician mentors and hospital staff. Though, most of our past Interns have been able to obtain shadowing experience through our program. The operating rooms are highly restricted areas, and all Interns intending to shadow are required to complete a Hartford Hospital training course prior to shadowing. Arrangements of shadowing do not occur through our program but through the Intern and the supervising clinician being shadowed.

Meet Our IAA Clinical Research Interns


Pictured here in the last photo (from left to right) are Naomi Benningfield, Sarah Jacobson, Meghan Tiernan, Justin Finkel, Ahana Nagarkatti, and Dr. Edan Bashkin (an IAA Anesthesia Fellow). Not pictured: Kati Davis and Scott Childs.

Pictured here in the last photo (from left to right) are Sarah Mourabit, Dilcia Sanchez & Carlos Gutierrez.

Pictured here in the above photo (from left to right) are Sarah Vincze (IAA Research Internship Coordinator), Sam Alkawaz, & Jolline Joseph.

Pictured here in the above photo (from left to right) are Mary Sukumar (CESI Education Specialist) & Alison Guy.

Pictured here in the above photo (from left to right) are Dalia Shaikhly, Andrea Shakes, Sarah Duff.

Pictured here in the above photo (from left to right) are Vindy Harbajan, Nikole Wesley.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about IAA Hartford Division Research, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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  • Kevin J. Finkel, MD, FASA
    Medical Director of Research
    Department of Anesthesia Research,  Hartford Division
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  • Aseel Walker, MD
    Director of Clinical Research

    Department of Anesthesia Research,  Hartford Division
    Tel: 860-972-1778
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  • Sarah Vincze, MPH
    Research Internship Program Coordinator
    Research Coordinator, IAA
    Department of Anesthesia Research,  Hartford Division
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    Email: Sarah Vincze
Kevin J. Finkel, MD, FASA

Kevin J. Finkel, MD, FASA
Medical Director of Clinical Research,
Department of Anesthesia Research,  Hartford Division
Email Dr. Finkel

Aseel Walker - Director of Clinical Research

Aseel Walker, MD
Director of Clinical Research,
Department of Anesthesia Research,  Hartford Division
Tel: 860-972-1778
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Sarah Vincze, MPH
Research Internship Program Coordinator
Research Assistant, IAA
Department of Anesthesia Research, Hartford Division
Tel: 860-972-5487
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