Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Physician Committee Leaders

Get to know our leadership and their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Trevor Sutton, MD, MBA, CPE.


When I decided to become an anesthesiologist, I recognized that my passion to serve patients as a specialist and as a consultant in medicine would include, but also extend beyond, the substantial responsibilities of caring for individual patients in the operating room. Through multi-disciplinary and collaborative committee engagements, post-graduate training in healthcare management, and leadership experiences in anesthesiology I have recognized that a shared vernacular for healthcare professionals, irrespective of professional training, is value creation. D.E.I. creates value in the current and future practice of medicine because it integrates patient experience, quality improvement, physician workforce development, and health care equity.

Dr. Sheila Buan-Elliott, DO

Sheila Elliott DO


Dr. Sriharsha D. Subramanya, MD, FRCA

Sriharsha Doddaballapur Subramanya, MD


Dr. David Maduram, MD, PhD.

As an anesthesiologist practicing in Bridgeport, I am a strong advocate for the integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into all aspects of healthcare, especially anesthesia. I see DEI as a critical driver of quality patient care – it cultivates trust, empathy, and understanding, essential components of the doctor-patient relationship. During my training in Boston [MGH] and New York [Columbia] I worked in departmental cultures which prioritized DEI and can firmly state that this emphasis fosters a more dynamic, innovative, and compassionate work culture. Now at IAA, I’m proud to say that the culture of DEI in my department has not only uplifted our current standard of care but also portents improved patient care in the future.

Dr. Divya Sundarapandiyan, MD


Administrative Committee Members

Teresa Martins 
Chief Administrative Officer
100 Retreat Avenue, Suite 900
Hartford, CT 06106
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Joseph Vitarelli, PAHM 
Chief Operating Officer
100 Retreat Avenue, Suite 900
Hartford, CT 06106
Tel:  860-748-6224

Sandra Reyes
Division Manager Fairfield County
2 Corporate Dr, Suite 955
Shelton, CT 06484
Tel: 203-929-7353 option 1
Fax: 203-929-0756