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New Anesthesia Research From IAA’s HCD

Do financial relationships between industry and investigator likely bias the investigator’s research?

That was the question posed in a new study by our anesthesia research group called “AFFIRM” from IAA’s Hartford County Division titled, “Attitudes Towards Conflicts of Interest in Medical Research: A Survey of US Medical Students”.

New research - A survey of US medical studentsRead the group’s newly published findings in the Medical Science Educator, or click in to download the research .pdf,  and please join us in congratulating the entire team of researchers; Edmund T. Takata, John Eschert, Kerri Stafford, Andrew Alejo, Angela S. Yu, Ryan Saffer, Marianna Shaikhly, Lucas Luong, Cameron O’Connor, Saagar Motupally, Ilene Staff, Aseel Walker & Kevin J. Finkel.

Published at the Medical Science Educator on 21 February 2024.

New Anesthesia Research From IAA’s HCD