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Key Sustainability Takeaways From 2023

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ISSUE 7 – 2024

Sustainability Matters - How and why you should make the effort in your ORs



In the interest of doing all we can as a part of our everyday anesthesia care, this issue of Sustainability in The OR is dedicated to our top takeaways from 2023.


Key Sustainability Takeaways From 2023

Provide regional anesthesia whenever appropriate. This may create a scenario where moderate sedation would suffice instead of general anesthesia. At the very least, regional blocks should substantially reduce the amount of additional anesthesia required.

Utilize TIVA as much as possible (while carefully minimizing drug waste).

Reduce total fresh gas flow to 1.0 L/M or less
during the maintenance of anesthesia with volatile anesthetic.

Stick with Sevoflurane when delivering a volatile anesthetic agent.

Conserve oxygen wherever and whenever possible.

  • Remember, you don’t need 10 – 15 L/M fresh oxygen flow during preoxygenation, induction, or emergence.
  • Also, when using the auxiliary oxygen with face masks, remember to turn down the machine’s fresh gas flow to its minimum (0.15 L/M)
  • Read More: Conserving Oxygen

Avoid adding volatile agent during induction due to high fresh gas flow.

Choose IV anesthetic/analgesic boluses to rapidly increase the depth of anesthesia.

If you haven’t done so already, please practice these easy, effective tips in your everyday anesthesia care and encourage your anesthesia coworkers to do the same. Thank you!


Next time in Sustainability in the OR:
“Reducing Pharmaceutical and Material Waste”
Until then, be well. Adam

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Key Sustainability Takeaways From 2023