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IAA Presents at ASA 2023

The 2023 ASA Annual Meeting in San Francisco was a busy time for IAA anesthesiologists.

Dr. Trevor Sutton, Dr. Feras Mardini, and Adam Sachs represented IAA at the ASA House of Delegates as members of the CSSA Executive Committee, and several other IAA members were in attendance, including Drs. McIsaac, Martin, Mardini, and Palaniappan, all from IAA’s HCD.

Dr. Sutton was particularly engaged and explains a few of his activities below.


The “Doctors Back to School” program is sponsored by the ASA Clinical Professional Diversity Committee. DBTS is an annual community engagement initiative at a regional middle school or high school in the city where the ASA is hosted.

“The goal of the Doctors Back to School program,” says Dr. Sutton, “is to mentor students about careers in medicine and anesthesiology. IAA shared a video describing career pathways to become anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, anesthesia assistants, and anesthesia technicians. We also had workstations for intubation, epidural placement, suturing, and point-of-care ultrasound. This year’s DBTS program was with 8th-grade students at the Willie Brown Middle School in San Francisco.”


Dr. Sutton is standing next to Alanna Gordon, a 4th-year medical student who participated in anesthesiology rotations at UConn/Hartford Hospital through UConn’s Visiting Externship for Underrepresented Students in Medicine (VESUM).



PHOTOS 3 & 4:
Dr. Sutton is facilitating a poster session at the ASA for medically challenging cases in cardiac anesthesiology. He facilitated presentations, questions, and discussions for 12 posters at his monitor station.



This group photo shows the ASA Leadership from the Clinical Professional Diversity Committee Meeting at the ASA.




IAA Presents at ASA 2023