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An Open Letter of Gratitude to Our IAA Team

The following is an open letter of gratitude to our team at Integrated Anesthesia Associates and the greater community from executive director, Joseph Vitarelli, PAHM and the entire Integrated Anesthesia Associates Executive Administrative team.

May 27, 2020

IAA Team – As discussions have begun across the state to resume elective surgeries, we have been reflecting on the past couple of months and all that we have been through and accomplished during this most unprecedented time.

Outside of the exceptional job that all members of our clinical team did with great skill, courage and resilience, we also were on the receiving end of many acts of kindness that our team and partner facilities benefited from.

These came by way of direct relationships that IAA members had with personal and professional contacts that helped secure much needed PPE and other well appreciated items from not ONLY our local communities, but from connections throughout the world.

On behalf of our team, we would like to personally thank each of the following key person(s) and / or organizations for helping with generous donations. These items were key to protecting what is most important to us – Each and EVERY member of our IAA Team.

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations. Your generous contributions provided encouragement and assisted with our clinical team’s abilities to provide the exceptional care that we pride ourselves on delivering with the proper protection to do so. YOU helped save lives.

Miss Porter’s School – Dr. Gianoli
• Town of Glastonbury – Dr. Finkel
Girl Scout Troop #239 of East Greenwich, RI
• Greater Hartford Community
• Angela Martins (Teresa Martins’ Mom)
Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese MedicineDr. Kong
• Ran Yan, Baixue Li, Lushang Xie and Wen Zhong – Dr. Kong
• The Chinese American Community of Greater Hartford – Dr. Kong
Grace Farms Foundation & Alliance Against Covid-19 Dr. Bowling
• Hearts for Healthcare Workers
Makerspace – Dr. Gianoli
• Mrs. Lynne Sweezy – Dr. Finkel
• Mrs. Catherine Simon
Danbury HackerSpaceDr. Segarra Roberts
Ava’s Party Designs – Abbas Saadat, the husband of Dr Haleh Saadat
• Mrs. Mechtild Steinert from QuiltStonesDr. Segarra
• Mr. Kevin Syombathy from McDermott Auto GroupDr. Segarra
• Mr. Floyd Moir from Retina SystemsDr. Segarra
• Mr. Glen Rich – Dr. McCormick
• Mrs. Terri Williams

Please let us know if we missed anyone or any organization. Your support has been so greatly appreciated! Thank you.

The Integrated Anesthesia Associates Executive Administrative team.

An Open Letter of Gratitude to Our IAA Team