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Celebrating and Thanking Our CRNAs

IAA is celebrating the incredible work our CRNAs do day after day throughout the year! Are you a CRNA? Do you know a CRNA? Please take a minute to say THANK YOU for all you do and show your appreciation for their dedication to patient care and professional excellence.

CRNAs are highly educated, advanced practice registered nurses who safely administer more than 49 million anesthetics to patients every year in the United States. CRNAs have the important role of keeping patients safe. They learn the medical condition of patients and advocate on a patient’s behalf—making CRNAs an imperative and affordable member of the healthcare team.

As the primary providers of anesthesia care in rural and under-served communities across America, CRNAs enable healthcare facilities to offer surgical, obstetrical, pain management, and trauma stabilization services. CRNAs continue to be the primary provider of anesthesia to U.S. military personnel serving around the world.

As the nation’s leading provider of anesthesia services, CRNAs are the present and future to an ever-evolving healthcare landscape. To learn more visit

CRNAs: Your Comfort, Your Care, We Are There from AANA on Vimeo.

Celebrating and Thanking Our CRNAs