Fellowship in Regional Anesthesia & Acute Pain Medicine, Fairfield Division

Training and Responsibilities

Become a specialist in regional anesthesia, acute pain medicine, and orthopedic anesthesia.

What to Expect as an IAA Fellow

As a fellow training with Integrated Anesthesia Associates, you can expect to benefit from the following – 

Extensive Practical Exposure: Perform over 2000 nerve blocks, ensuring a hands-on and comprehensive training experience.

Expert Faculty: Learn from faculty trained at top-tier regional anesthesia programs, providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Real-World Readiness: Gain inpatient and outpatient experience with high-volume, high-turnover surgical cases, preparing you for the demands of real-world anesthesia practice.

Leadership Development: Acquire skills in leading and developing a robust regional anesthesia program, fostering the ability to take charge in your future career.

Broad Spectrum of Cases: Encounter a diverse range of cases, enhancing your adaptability and proficiency in various regional anesthesia techniques.

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Theresa Bowling, MD

Theresa Bowling, MD
Fellowship Program Director, Fairfield Division

IAA Anesthesia Fellowship
Fairfield Division
Attn: Theresa Bowling, MD
2 Trap Falls Road, Suite 414
Shelton CT 06484

Vlad Frenk, MD

Vlad Frenk, MD, FASA
Fellowship Program Co-Director, Fairfield Division

Dr. William Perillo

William Perillo, DO
Assistant Fellowship Program Director, Fairfield Division