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Medical Staff Grant Funding Awarded to the IAA-Hartford Research Department

The IAA-Hartford Research Department is thrilled to announce that Dr. Pranjali Kainkaryam, an anesthesiologist and a principal investigator at IAA, has been approved to receive the Medical Staff Grant Funding from the Research Committee of Hartford Hospital for her latest study on the Multifidus Cervicis Plane (MCP) block.

Funding for this study will enable the acute pain management team to continue their vital research into the benefits of providing MCP blocks to patients undergoing cervical spine fusion surgery at the Bone and Joint Institute (BJI).

This MCP study is officially titled A Double-Blinded, Randomized Controlled Trial to Compare Multifidus Cervicis Plane (MCP) Block Vs. Sham Block, In Reducing Postoperative Pain and Opioid Consumption In Patients Undergoing Elective Primary Posterior Cervical Spine Fusion Surgery (PCSFS).

The research project aims to determine the effectiveness and safety of the MCP block in reducing postoperative pain and opioid consumption in patients undergoing PCSFS, with the ultimate goal of providing supporting evidence for the use of MCP block as a standard of care for PCSFS patients.

Findings from this study will support the institute’s opioid-sparing mission and provide a treatment approach that may lead to improved postoperative outcomes and reduced overall costs associated with PCSFSs in our practice. 

The MCP block is a novel pain management option for PCSFSs that has demonstrated promising outcomes in reducing pain and enhancing the quality of recovery for our patients.

This generous grant funding will cover the MCP block’s expenses, including block procedure, medications, supplies, and block nurse, thus allowing more patients to access this potentially beneficial pain control treatment without incurring any costs to themselves or their insurance providers. We are confident that this study can significantly impact pain management for these patients, and are excited to proceed with our investigation.IAA would like to thank and congratulate Dr. Kainkaryam and her research team for their hard work and dedication in bringing this study to fruition. We would also like to express our gratitude to the Hartford Hospital Research Committee for their support and recognition of the importance of this research.

Medical Staff Grant Funding Awarded to the IAA-Hartford Research Department