IAA’s Mission, Vision & Values



Integrated Anesthesia Associates (IAA), which is the largest independent, physician-owned anesthesia practice in Connecticut, goal is to provide the highest quality, safe, caring, compassionate, and comprehensive perioperative anesthesia services for our patients and facility partners.

The entire IAA Team is committed to excellence in:

  • Providing anesthesia and related care for:
    • Surgical and obstetrical care
    • Regional / pain management
    • Critical care
    • Administrative support for these efforts
  • Being a proud partner and a key clinical contributor of the healthcare systems, surgeons, clinical teams, and facilities with which we serve.
  • Increasing our dedication to positively impact the specialty of anesthesiology in all of our statewide, national and international efforts which expand the recognition of the field of anesthesiology and sphere of influence of our group.
  • Furthering the clinical skills and providing a best in class exceptional education of a new generation of anesthesia fellows, residents, student registered nurse anesthetists (SRNAs) and medical students.
  • Meeting the needs of our patients, facility partners, payers, local employers, students, medical and administrative staff members from our partner locations and of course of all of our IAA employees.
  • Supporting the local communities that we serve by way of volunteerism, philanthropy, and goodwill.


Our vision is to be the premier anesthesiology provider and independent physician-owned anesthesia practice in the Northeast.

IAA’s independence allows us to be flexible and nimble in order to meet the ever-growing clinical needs of the local market.  We pride ourselves on our collaborative care team model which utilizes physicians and CRNAs working together to best meet the needs of our patients.

Our goal is to be a destination practice and throwback to the days where you could live, work, and grow within the same practice where your co-workers are like family.  IAA provides anesthesia services in nine hospitals and 24 surgery centers in Connecticut, and we continue to pursue new strategic opportunities.  Whatever your clinical desire may be, we have the right opportunity to suit your interest.

At IAA, we also endeavor to promote a work / live balance.

We work hard and we enjoy life!

Values – IAA Partners

Our values are reflective of the type of unique practice that IAA is, we:

  • Act with integrity
  • Are passionate about our work
  • Are accountable for our actions
  • Provide superior clinical care
  • Are effective and efficient
  • Are respectful and courteous
  • Act with honesty
  • Always focus on the needs of our patients and facility partners
  • Have fun (Because Life, is too Short!)
  • Respect patient confidentiality
  • Provide service in a friendly, ethical atmosphere