Congratulations to the dedicated and caring staff at Integrated Anesthesia Associates, clinical division, Outpatient Connecticut Childrens Medical Center.

IAA Certificate of Top 10 performance for patient satisfactionSurvey Vitals has awarded this clinical partner location with the Patient Experience TOP 10% for overall patient experience during the fourth quarter.

Scores were calculated using Actual Patient Reviews (APSQ 2.0) completed during October 1 to December 31, 2017.

Integrated Anesthesia Associates uses Survey Vitals to provide patient satisfaction feedback through their proprietary, electronic survey process.  This process provides us with the data required for continuous improvement and increased patient, employee and physician satisfaction.  Through Survey Vitals, we measure and continuously work to improve medical constituencies and requirements including: the patient experience, physician satisfaction, employee perceptions of leadership, safety and peer-to-peer evaluations at all levels.

Please join us in congratulating our latest IAA winners, Outpatient Connecticut Childrens Medical Center.

Outpatient Connecticut Childrens Medical Center – CERTIFICATE