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Integrated Anesthesia Associates Post Merger; 245 Staff and Growing.

The 2014 merger between Connecticut’s Hartford Anesthesia Associates (HAA) and Medical Anesthesia Associates (MAA) has proven to be a powerful force in the provision of anesthesia services, business and billing expertise to clinical sites and medical practices throughout the state of Connecticut.

Seventeen of Connecticut’s top medical facilities, including Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hartford Hospital, Griffin Hospital and St. Vincent’s Medical Center now benefit from the expanded clinical expertise offered by Integrated Anesthesia Associates (IAA), the new partnership of HAA and MAA.

Physician Mark G. Indelicato, M.D. believes that IAA is uniquely positioned to provide the expertise clinical facilities need.  According to Dr. Indelicato, IAA offers an unparalleled depth of Anesthesia services.

Offering specialization in surgical anesthesiology, labor and delivery, critical care, pediatric and neonatal anesthesia, pain management and ambulatory anesthesia, the more than one hundred physicians, physician assistants, certified nurse anestistists (CRNAs), nurses and technicians stand at the ready to provide the critical anesthesia services needed during surgery for patients young and old.

In addition, he highlights the unique career opportunities afforded anesthesia professionals working with IAA. The benefits of working with an organization like IAA are many.

When discussing the state of healthcare today and how practices like IAA have adapted to changes in the accountable care organization environment, IAA Vice President Thomas Bladek, M.D. explains the importance of a sound business management team.

“We have skilled business leaders and support staff to help us with our expansion in the future. Our dedicated management team is capable of coordinating contracting, strategic planning, budgeting; coding, billing and collections; HR management; accounting, financial analysis and reporting; payroll and benefits management, and compliance mandates.”

“IAA’s goals”, he says, “have been simple; to hire the most talented individuals, provide the best service, treat our employees fairly and always practice honesty”.

“As we look to redefine anesthesia services management and develop working relationships with other local area hospital anesthesiology departments and ambulatory surgery facilities, we will continue to offer effective leadership and management expertise designed to help other practices restructure, modernize and streamline their processes”. “This will allow them to successfully reestablish department credibility and position their anesthesia providers for a positive future”.

President William Ceruzzi, M.D. is proud of the quality comprehensive peri-operative anesthesia services offered to IAA’s patients and customers. Both he and his fellow anesthesiologists at IAA believe in building healthy relationships with customers by providing excellent patient care combined with efficient and friendly service.

As he explains, “Following the successful merger of two Connecticut based anesthesia practices in 2014; we have been working to shape the delivery of anesthesia care in the region to best serve the needs of our patients and clients.

IAA retains its shared vision of an independent anesthesia practice focused upon delivering the safe, high quality, efficient and cost-effective patient centered anesthesia care. IAA’s staff fully recognizes our roles and responsibilities within the healthcare systems in which we work and we strive for excellence in everything we do.”

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Dr. Thomas Bladek is available for interviews upon request.

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Integrated Anesthesia Associates Post Merger; 245 Staff and Growing.