Partner with IAA: RFP

Request for Proposal

It is the goal of IAA to serve as your anesthesia services provider and develop a long-term relationship with clinical sites that strive to continuously improve their delivery of healthcare services to their community.

We Welcome Your Interest in IAA

As Integrated Anesthesia Associates (IAA) continues to grow with the Connecticut community and its healthcare needs, we invite prospective clinical sites to send Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to learn more about how IAA can help them manage costs while providing the highest level of patient-centered care available. Integrated Anesthesia Associates seeks to:

Develop an exclusive arrangement with the clinical site that will work with their medical staff and management team to ensure that all expectations, requirements and goals are continuously met.

Ensure that the goals of our Clinical partner for anesthesia services are clearly articulated and information provided. We anticipate that utilization and payer mix information will be released upon receipt of notice of intent to respond to the RFP and a confidentiality agreement will be signed by both parties.

IAA will always provide a preliminary response stating whether we are able or interested in responding to the RFP.

Clinical Partners and Integrated Anesthesia Associates

Integrated Anesthesia Associates provides clinical partners with:

  • An exclusive provider of anesthesia services
  • The highest level of customer service
  • Effective leadership and decision-making
  • Cost containment and efficiency
  • Growth opportunities
  • An exclusive arrangement with a high quality, customer service oriented anesthesiologist(s)
  • A seasoned, established and highly respected team who attracts and retains outstanding anesthesiologists
  • Qualifications to serve a wide variety of specialized patient populations
  • Superior patient experience and clinical outcome

Contact Us

If your clinical site is interested in pursuing a long-term partnership for the delivery of anesthesia services, please contact: