Tuition Fees & Related Costs – Advanced Specialization

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Initial expenses:
• Application fee to NAPH $100
• Application fee to CCSU $50
• Acceptance Fee to NAPH $1000
• AANA Membership
• Certification or recertification by the NBCRNA
• Current RN and APRN license
• Computer with appropriate software for documents, presentations, research and statistics
• Tuition and fees per CCSU policy and vary depending upon state residence.   Please check for latest fees

Advanced Specialization In-State
     Fee/Credit Hour:  $831.00 per credit
     Number of Credits: 30
     Registration: $65/semester = $325.00
     Tuition: $24,930.00

Advanced Specialization Out-Of-State
     Fee/Credit Hour:  $851.00 per credit
     Number of Credits: 30
     Registration: $65/semester = $325.00
     Tuition: $25,530.00

Related Expenses:
• Travel/lodging expenses to the university at the beginning and end of semesters

Financial Aid

Central Connecticut State University’s Financial Aid office has a specific web page for the Nurse Anesthesia Program. Home > Financial Aid > Graduate Studies > Nurse Anesthesia Program

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is available for all CCSU students for the entire duration of the program. See Home > Health Insurance Information

Because the DNAP Program courses will be charged per credit students will be considered as part-time. Currently, part-time students are not required by CCSU to have sickness insurance through Aetna and they do not pay accident insurance. Part-time students are eligible to purchase sickness insurance directly from Aetna at The Bursar, Betsy Fangiullo, indicated that usually if a student purchased insurance other than the Aetna student insurance, that insurance would include the equivalent of both sickness and accident insurance. Also, Betsy is not sure whether the BOR will continue contracting with Aetna for student sickness insurance.

Given the expense to each student for the Aetna Health Insurance policy, the university encourages students to explore all available options including Connecticut’s Health Exchange available at

Please note that the enrollment period for the Exchange is November 1st to January 31st for coverage effective January 1st. However, some people may be eligible to enroll outside of the open enrollment period as the result of a qualifying life event (e.g.; loss of coverage due to a job change, having, adopting, or fostering a child, etc.) or if you are eligible for Medicaid or Husky. If you have a qualifying life event, your special enrollment period will generally last 60 days from the date of the qualifying event.

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