Patient-Centered Care Builds Trust & Improves Outcome

Dr. Immerman,
Thank you for simply being the attending anesthesiologist at my father’s surgery on the 23rd of September. He spoke very highly of you. In fact, he has requested your presence at his next outing with Dr. Tarantino on October 14.

He was particularly struck by your attention to detail and your explanation to him of what exactly was going to happen.
You made a deep impression upon him especially when you said something to the effect of, “We’d like to have you leave in as good a shape as you came in, or better.”

He will be 92 the next May 1. He’s tough. He hasn’t taken any pain meds since 45 years ago or more: No aspirin, no Tylenol, nothing. Unsurprising as he served overseas 1944 to 1945 in the original 10th Mountain division in the high North Appenines of Italy. He was a Corporal in charge of a three-man team that served forward artillery observers with hardwire communications. He was decorated for bravery the day after telling a brigadier general to go f— himself. He was quartered in the same village at the same time Benito Mussolini was executed. Just thought you should know something about him.

He trusts you.

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